What do we do?

iNettics specializes in the design, development, and implementation of web systems. Listed below are some of the common services we use in order to achieve success. This list is not all inclusive, but should give you an idea of what we can do for your business.

The first step is a careful evaluation of your current web presence and its effectiveness. Our free initial consultation allows us to ask you questions about your problems, successes, goals, and history. From the consultation, we propose a plan for web success through one or a combination of the following services:

Web Design & HostingWeb Design & Hosting

The first step to web success, web design & hosting lay the foundation for your web presence. We ensure yours is built on rock.

Web Hosting
> Secure and Reliable
> Email Accounts Included
> FTP Accounts Included
> Multiple Billing Cycles
> Dozens of Packages Fit Your Need
> Database Capabilities
> Blog Capabilities

Website Design
> On Target, On Time, On Budget
> Brochure or Interactive Sites
> Design From Scratch
> Update An Existing Site
> Web Standards Compliant
> High-End Graphic Design
> Packages For All Budgets

Domain Registration & Management
> Register Your Domain Name
> Manage Your Domain Name

Detailed Reporting & Analysis
> Web Traffic Statistics
> Most Popular Pages
> Visitor Referals
> Search Engine Effectiveness
> Unique Visits vs. Page Views
> Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

Website Maintenance
> Content Management
> Standards Compliance

eCommerce Solutions & Web Integration

Web IntegrationIntegrate your web presence with your business processes, including sales, production, administration, and more. Take orders, communicate with vendors - the sky is the limit. This step adds the real value to your web system by giving your visitors something to do (and a reason to come back).

Online Store(s)
> Customer Login Areas
> Online Shopping Cart
> Detailed Reporting
> Scalable Development
> Payment Integration
Online Calendars
> Display and Schedule Events
> Handle Reservations
> Integrate With Current Software
> Detailed Reporting
> Automated Event Recurrence

Process Transactions
> Handle Web Quotes
> Electronic Document Transmission
> Event Scheduling

Internet Marketing
> Search Engine Optimization
> Internet Advertising
> Utilize Google Tools
> Keyword Utilization
Internet Hosting
> Website Hosting
> Email Hosting
> Domain Management
Business Process Engineering
> Integrate With Your Site
> Handle Electronic Documents
> Provide Online Support
> Streamline Transactions
> Reduce Data Entry Costs

Web Marketing

Web MarketingWith a solid foundation and value added functions, you are ready to spread the word. Increase visitors, increase awareness, and increase the return on your investment with Search Engine Optimization and Internet Advertising.

Pay Per Click Advertising
>Click here to learn more.

Newsletter / Email Campaigns
> Members Only Information
> Newsletter Management
> New Product Promotions






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