What do you do?

iNettics specializes in the design, development, and implementation of web systems.

What the heck is a web system?

A web system is any combination of web sites, search engine marketing, e-commerce, business process integration, and many other tactics designed to work together with a common goal: increasing sales and lowering costs.

How did iNettics start?

iNettics started in January, 2007 when a group of entreprenuers decided it was time to revitalize the web browsing experience by remodeling many of the stagnant, anemic web sites on the internet into web systems that were designed to provide value to a company as well as its customer base.

How's that going?

Since its formation, the iNettics crew has been hard at work spreading the word, making proposals, and developing web systems for its growing client base. To see examples and testimonials of some of the systems we've implemented and the results, refer to our client list.

Sounds like you just design web sites - what makes you different?

We know there are 101 web site design shops out there. Almost any company can throw together a web page, get it up on the internet, and be done.

iNettics is different. We take great care to develop and maintain an ongoing client relationship in which we constantly work on ways to make your web site work better for you. From business process integration to internet marketing, we take a comprehensive approach to ensure your web system is an effective and efficient business tool.

What makes a web site a business tool?

A business tool is any system or function that is designed to generate revenue or reduce costs. Developing your web site as a business tool ensures that it accomplishes the same goals. Processing orders, generating quotes, sending newsletters, tracking customer data, providing special login areas, providing news, and many, many other functions transform your web site from a glorified advertisement to a capable, interactive multimedia experience for your customers.



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